Vet Formulated!

Formulated by a Veterinarian and Companion Animal Nutritionist! 

Pet Pasta uses all-natural ingredients with essential vitamins and minerals. We make sure everything is of the highest quality because we simply refuse to sacrifice any nutritional value for cheaper ingredients.  

There is a touch of natural smoke flavoring to give it a drool-worthy taste of bacon. Our limited ingredients that make up Pet Pasta are all considered super healthy for dogs and make a fantastic addition to a dog's diet in the form of a treat! 


Oats: Oats are a great alternative carbohydrate for dogs that may be sensitive to wheat or grains. Oatmeal contains vitamin B to help maintain a healthy coat and linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid, to maintain healthy skin. Oats are also a great source of soluble fiber, which can help regulate blood glucose levels and improve bowel movements.

Eggs: Eggs are high in protein and fatty acids. They also contain folate, riboflavin, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin B12. All of these are good for your dog’s skin and coat.

Flaxseed: Flaxseed is one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acid, also called a-linolenic acid. They can aid in constipation relief, help increase the quality of their coat and skin, and aid in a healthy immune system.

Vitamin and Mineral Mix: Vet Formulated to ensure all the vitamins and trace minerals dogs need to balance a homemade diet.

Brewer’s Yeast: Brewer’s yeast is a high-quality source of essential amino acids and protein, which helps support lean muscle mass. It also contains B vitamins, which help convert the nutrients in your dog's food into energy he can use.

Tapioca Flour: Tapioca Flour is starch that has benefits similar to fiber, which can help support digestive health. We use it in our recipe because it is non-toxic gluten-free, lectin-free and it helps bind the pasta. Tapioca can also be beneficial for dogs that are experiencing allergies and sensitivities.

Cultured Skim Milk: An excellent source of calcium and protein. It may help to establish and maintain beneficial intestinal bacterial flora and reduce lactose intolerance.

Rosemary Extract: An antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory that can help eliminate free radicals that can cause long-term damage. Including minimizing fat oxidation.

Vitamin and Mineral Mix: 

  1. Vitamin A: Supports vision, immune function, and skin health.
  2. Vitamin D: Promotes calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth.
  3. Vitamin E: Acts as an antioxidant, supporting skin health and protecting cells.
  4. Vitamin K: Assists in blood clotting and bone metabolism.
  5. Vitamin C: Supports immune function and collagen synthesis for healthy joints and skin.
  6. B-vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12): Essential for energy production, metabolism, and nerve function.
  7. Calcium: Crucial for strong bones, teeth, and muscle function.
  8. Phosphorus: Works with calcium for bone and teeth health, energy metabolism, and cell function.
  9. Potassium: Important for nerve function, muscle contraction, and maintaining fluid balance.
  10. Magnesium: Supports enzyme function, nerve transmission, and muscle relaxation.
  11. Iron: Necessary for oxygen transport and energy production.
  12. Zinc: Supports immune function, wound healing, and healthy skin and coat.
  13. Copper: Required for iron metabolism, connective tissue formation, and enzyme function.
  14. Manganese: Plays a role in bone formation, enzyme activation, and antioxidant defense.
  15. Selenium: Acts as an antioxidant and supports thyroid function.
  16. Iodine: Essential for thyroid hormone production and metabolism regulation.

It's important to note that the specific nutrient requirements may vary based on a dog's age, size, breed, and health condition. Consulting with a veterinarian can provide personalized recommendations for your dog's specific needs.