About Us

The Humans and Paw Patrol Behind Pet Pasta

Angie Hohensee - Human, Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Ingrid Minchow - Human, Chief Marketing and Design Officer
Toby Hohensee - Dog and Head of Tasting
Teddy Hohensee - Dog and Clean-up Crew
Bo Minchow - Dog and Head of Advocacy
Dennis Weibling - Board Member, Partner,  Advisor and Strategist

Formulated by a Companion Animal Nutritionist and a Veterinarian through BSM Partners LLC  

Together we are the makers of Pet Pasta!

It all started in the the founder's kitchen...
Pet Pasta was started by Angie Hohensee, a female entrepreneur with a passion for pets and their health. She had been making homemade dog food for years because her dogs (Teddy and Toby) suffered from sensitive stomachs and food allergies. Her dogs loved their homemade food but she worried that they were not getting all the nutrition they needed.
She was struggling to find way to get additional essential vitamins and minerals into their diet.  
One day, after making some pasta, she threw a few pieces to her dogs and she noticed how much they loved it. It was at that moment when she had a thought...why not make a pasta just for dogs but include essential vitamins and minerals?!
After searching the internet and not finding anything even remotely similar, she set out to make a pasta that had essential vitamins and minerals, was made with limited ingredients, was allergy-friendly, was super gentle on dog's stomachs and had dogs begging for it!  
Of course her dogs, and many others were her taste testers. And enthusiastically tried all of here test batches. 
Angie knew that she needed more than just her limited knowledge of what dogs need to help them thrive so she brought in the experts . She partnered with BSM Partners to help perfect the pasta. After 2 years of working with their veterinarians and veterinarian nutritionists they were able to formulate a highly nutritious, tasty treat specifically designed for a dog's whole-body health. 
Besides working closely with the experts at BSM Partners, Angie's talented sister-in-law, Ingrid, did all of the creative and design work and her friend, mentor and advisor, Dennis Weibling, helped turn her idea into reality.
Together they are the humans and paw patrol behind Pet Pasta! 
Our Products: 
Pet Pasta's products are irresistibly delicious and versatile ways to ensure your dog is getting the ESSENTIAL vitamins and minerals they need to live a long, happy and healthy life! Here is why you will love Pet Pasta:
  • Can be fed as a TREAT,  TOPPER or MEAL BALANCER!
  • Formulated by a Veterinarian and a Vet Nutritionist 
  • Limited ingredients
  • Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • No corn, wheat, soy, dairy, egg, beef, chicken or other meats
  • No need to cook - ready to eat
  • Multi-use and loved no matter how it is fed
  • All natural with added vitamins and minerals
  • No byproducts, no artificial preservatives, no artificial additives
  • Touch of natural smoke flavor for a delicious taste of bacon
  • Gently air-dried in small batches to preserve nutrients
If serving as a meal balancer, visit PetPasta.com for complete and balanced recipes. 
All dogs who have tried it love it and we want to share our healthy products with you and your furry family member!  
We are so sure your dogs will love Pet Pasta, we will shake on it!