6 ways to help a dog with B.A.T.H. time.

When you dog hides before a bath, make sure to treat them to something special like Pet Pasta, the perfect daily dog supplement.
In my house that is what my dogs do right before they get a b...a...t...h. Shhhh....do not say it out loud! We all know you have to spell it because it they even hear the word b.a.t.h. they will run for the hills.
Dogs love things that smell bad, even themselves. They will seek out the stinkiest thing they can find in the yard and roll in it to their hearts content. They literally relish in it. In fact, my dogs strut their stuff when they are their smelliest.
You would think they would know better because a b.a.t.h. will always follow that stink fest. As I approach my dogs after one of their escapades, their eyes immediately dart back and forth, like "oh, crap, where is my best escape route, where can I hide, maybe they won't see me"? If I dart past my human to the right of the couch. she will never catch me!"
B.a.t.h time will always be somewhat of a struggle but the team at Pet Pasta is sharing some tips to making your dog's b.a.t.h. time a little better:
  1. Use a long spray nozzle instead of dumping water over them
  2. Spread a bit of peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol) on the side of your tub or give them pieces of Pet Pasta during the bath as a treat
  3. Get in there with them and have a laugh. Don’t be afraid to get wet
  4. Use a mild soap so it doesn’t sting their eyes.
  5. Be calm and quick and never yell at your dog
  6. And make sure you reward them with some love and a treat like Pet Pasta after their bath.

And after all of that, they may just run right back outside and roll in something stinky again. Good Luck! 

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