Can Dogs Have Pasta?

Dogs go crazy for the taste of Pet Pasta in their homemade meal. Bo begs for his meal everyday and gives Pet Pasta a high five and five stars
Yes, dogs can have pasta but not just any pasta!
Dog parents should be careful when feeding their furry friend pasta made for humans. This type of pasta is typically made with white or wheat flour and contains little, if any, nutritional value.
However, you can feed your dog, Pet Pasta!
Pet Pasta was developed just for dogs and formulated by a Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist to contain limited ingredients plus all essential vitamins and minerals dogs need in their daily diet.
The maker's of Pet Pasta can proudly say that it is the first nutrient-rich, ready to eat pasta made to balance homemade dog food. And since dogs love it so much, their vet nutritionist even developed serving sizes so dog parents can use it as a nutritious treat or topper! 
Pet Pasta meets the vitamin and mineral requirements for adult dogs according to AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
You can add Pet Pasta to any protein (beef, chicken, fish, etc.).
Try this recipe to get started or visit the recipe’s page for others options:
Chicken & Pet Pasta (244 KCAL)
Daily Serving Size - (Can divide daily amount into 2 meals)
(For every 10 pounds of dog)
1 ½ oz (42.5 g) chicken, breast only, cooked
½ cup (100 g) sweet potato, cooked/baked, flesh only
¼ cup (39 g), carrots, cooked/boiled
1 oz (28.3 g) Pet Pasta, dry
¼ tsp of fish oil (optional)
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